Vegan Taco Night: Oil-Free Crispy Baked Taco Shell Recipe & Topping Ideas

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  1. Darling in the south, do not think we can get what you think. We also do not have traders go. Finding the shells have been hard.when I do I will cook them like you did.

  2. Yum! Good job guys. 🌮I have introduced my German husband to Mexican food, and he loooooves it. Corn Flor Tortillas are very difficult to find here. But I have my ways 💖

  3. Hey you two, I don't know where you found the strength and will power to continue this new lifestyle. I see you and others successfully changing your diet and losing weight and then there's me who decided to quit soda two weeks ago and did pretty well except a couple of cheat days that I allowed myself because I couldn't stop thinking about it (soda). Two days ago I had a cheat day….and then the next day I caved into the craving, now I caved again today. I feel like I've failed this no soda goal and that I'm never going to be able to quit. It is such an addiction! I've been crying and feeling hopeless all day. Sorry, just needed to talk about it. My husband doesn't understand why I even want to quit.

  4. Actually I draped the tortillas on the rack before turning on the oven and they came out great. Jessica if you did this you could quit worrying about burning yourself (and others). I also opted for the two bars so that I could get more filling in.

  5. Thank you for your great recipes and great ideas for baking the taco shells! You guys are the best! In the past I have put the tortilla shells in the oven first and then turned it on. No burny burny the the fingers!

  6. Are your tortillas GMO free? Almost all corn in America is Genetically Modified using Roundup unless it states Organic…so I am told….How do you feel about that? I haven't found any decent clean organic tortillas yet, so I have to make my own..a real pain. Love your videos.

  7. Just tried the tacos tonight! Yum! We already use TJs White Corn Tortillas for nachos and chips (by baking in the toaster oven), so I knew this recipe would be a hit. Couldn't find the vegan cheese at our Trader Joe's, so alas, our tacos were missing that. Glad you posted this video. We didn't have time to make the stuffed pepper mix, but it was good anyway.

  8. Brian, the less hair and the lighter your hair the better you're looking! Especially getting rid of all that facial hair…who knew you were so good looking underneath all of that!

  9. Just made the stuffed peppers and that filling would indeed be great over tacos. Will try that next taco night. A flat tostada is great; a folded taco is great. I am torn.

  10. I tried baking the shells in the oven today, we really loved how crispy these were.

    Here is a suggestion, if you have a cookie cooling metal rack or one from a microwave which is metal, it can be adjusted side to side to make a flat bottom taco shell which will stand up on its own. I used regular size tortillias to do this today and they were more squattie as I put them over two oven bars on the racks. They were easy to eat and stood up at attention while the first one was consumed. Great idea you both had. Love it.

  11. I get the corn tortillas but brown them slightly in a non-stick pan so they are crispy and not burnt but can still be folded in half. I make fresh salsa, I use Spanish rice mixed with the refried beans, lettuce and a wee bit of Daiya shredded cheese, sometimes some Boca Burger Original Turk'y burger or Morningstar Farms Black Bean burger — one of these not both is divided between the two of us so 1/4 or a crumbled burger in four tacos and we eat two each. I do use salt in my salsa but that is all the salt which is used and they disappear easily. One of our favorite meals.

  12. What about heating your oven with the rack taken out so the rack itself doesn't get hot? I am going to try these this week and I am going to leave the rack out while heating to see how it goes. Looks delicious!

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