SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI | gluten-free + paleo

This sweet potato gnocchi is both gluten-free and paleo and topped with a delicious sage walnut pesto. It’s the perfect hearty and savory meal for fall and I think …


  1. Hi guys! We're jumping into fall this week with Sweet Potato Gnocchi. Make sure to check out the full recipe post (linked in the description box) as I have additional tips on my website. Next week I won't have a new video as I'll be at the Vitamix Headquarters (so excited!) – but if you'd like to go behind-the-scenes with me watch on Instagram stories: https://www.instagram.com/downshiftology/ Enjoy the recipe! xo – Lisa

  2. 6:05 instead of dropping the gnocchi into the hot water and risk getting splashed and burned by the hot water, use your skimmer or ladle to gently lower the gnocchi into the hot water. β€πŸŒ…πŸŒ΅

  3. I just discovered your channel at the end of last week. I'm catching up on all your content. You have so many excellent recipes on here, including this one! After I've walked my dog this morning, I am going to try the Paleo Pancakes from your website. Happy Sunday + Women's Day to me – and to you, Lisa!

  4. I followed this to the tee but I think since I did convection bake I should adjust the temperature or the time as it was getting dark brown after 25 minutes and was 172 degrees plus my smoke alarm went off. I will do this again and not use convection. I really like the spice combination. I am not a very good cook yet but I am putting in the effort so watch out! πŸ™‚ Oh, I also did the cauliflower mash and it was great!

  5. This looks amazing, I won't lie but I will just eat the sweet potato right after I baked it and just have sweet mash potatoes with pesto sauce πŸ™‚

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