Fall-Inspired Vegan Meal Prep for the School or Work Week

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and delicious vegan recipes that are perfect for a fall-inspired meal prep for the school or work week! Full recipes linked below 🙂 ✗ My …


  1. Hello! Wonderful to have found you here. Question: I've got acid reflux issues and i can't have apple cider at all. It hurts too bad ( along with chili, and all spicy sauces….) It's hard to be a vegan without the little spark that spices bring, but i got to adapt. Same with orange juice, can't have it, or lemon juice. I tolerate small amount of rice vinegar well mixted but not the apple cidar one. What can i switch it with? ( and so that it still taste good of course)

  2. I love your videos and make your recipes when I'm cooking for guests. Otherwise I don't spend this much time cooking. I mostly cook potatoes or sweet potatoes and occasionally lentils. Have a veggie and/or a salad and that's it. I keep it simple. But I love your meals and desserts and fix them for company.

  3. My dinner meal prep is usually whatever I had for lunch, so it was nice to have the extra meal to switch it up. More dinner, please! 🙂

  4. I meal prep lunch and dinner, not breakfast typically. I would love to see meal prep recipes that are just 2-3 servings as I get tired eating same thing all week. Maybe something like make those lentils, but here's 2 ways to use them that are somewhat different.

  5. love the meal prep videos! personally i prefer lunch dinner ideas as i usually just whip something quick up for breakfast or have a smoothie. keep 'em coming!!

  6. that soup looks great. i meal prep on and off, usually just lunch and dinner and maybe a snack. not big on eating in the mornings and cereal/oatmeal/toast/fruit is simple enough. oooooh a video on DIY fall coffee based drinks would be amazing

  7. Hi! I'm Brazilian and I love vegan recipes. I found your channel today and I really enjoyed your ideas. I confess that my English is not the best and I do not understand some things you say, the ingredients I had the hardest time to know were the spices that were powdered. I do not know if you usually have an audience from other countries, but it would be nice to write the name of the ingredient in the video besides pronounce. So if someone can not understand the pronunciation, you can at least look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary! thank you

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