VEGANS AND PROTEIN, EXPLAINED + Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe

Hi everyone! I’m back with another video addressing everyone’s concerns – how do vegans get their protein? It looks like I’m going to be sticking to a Monday …


  1. I'm petite like you and just want to lose extra weight from junk food and hopefully transition into a vegan diet with time..
    In your vegan video you said you used smoothies and replaced one to two meals with it did you drink two whole shakes like these in this video a day ? And just fill in the gaps with nuts fruits and veggies like you said?

  2. Hii Leeor, I was wondering If you take any iron supplement? I've been trying to cut off eggs and dairy completely of my diet (I'm already a vegetarian) but my parents keep saying I'll have anemia. By the way, I discovered your channel two days ago and I've been watching all of your videos, you're absolutely lovely and an inspiration!

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