My Go To Daily Breakfast | Muscle Building Vegan Smoothie

People often are concerned about getting enough calories and protein on a vegan diet, I use smoothies to aid me. They’re quick and convenient too. This is my …


  1. Question: how does one access that chart in 2:05 of the video?
    Or does one have to create a chart or is it an app or online? Im interested in being vegan but im very lost and dont know how to create my diet (for weight gain) with the right balance of carbs, fats, and mainly protein.

  2. Hi Azad, I've recently started a 20 rep squat programme in which there is little information about on the internet, but the places and people that have talked about it said it works wonders to bulk and put on mass, which is my goal. Its a tough "old school" progamme and i know squats are essential to put on size and strength, but i wanted your opinion on it, so i know whether to keep going with it or not.Here is the progamme
    as always good video!

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