LOW CARB VEGAN diet // Final Thoughts & What I Ate in a Week (days 5-7)

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  1. Harley Johnstone ruined the vegan industry with the high carb myth he says suits everyone. He's an ectomorph bodytype which is most suitable to high carb. Dr Eric berg has details about the body types. Thanks

  2. When i was eating high carbs i was always hungry but i just went low carb vegan i feel fuller, sleep better, and have more energy. Everyone succeeds on a different diet. I feel this is very bias to make low carb vegan look bad but thats my opinion.

  3. You were transitioning to burning ketones! Check out the following YT channels. They are doctors who explain all the health benefits of going low carb. They are not vegan, but you can also check out Ruled Me and Thomas DeLauer, who both have some vegan low carb advise. Ok, so the doctors are, Ken D.Berry. Sten Ekberg. Jason Fung. Eric Westman. There are a LOT more, but thats enough. These guys are curing diabetes in their practices with a low fructose/glucose diet. They also show the connection from glucose to heart disease, dementia, cancer, and a host of other insulin-resistance diseases.

  4. Couldn't sleep. Electrolytes. 1 week is not enough to do keto. Eating rice reset everything. Why do vegans do no research on diet blows my mind. You dont just jump into a diet like keto without researching. Low carb without keto is just foolish. Your not getting enough energy from carbs or fat. What were you thinking? And you cheat so much your not really in low carb. Eating fake meat burgers.

  5. Im teacher shiela and been practicing my lowcarb diet 1month and half..and its really effective. From 38 waistline to 32. I'm very happy with the result..For those who want also some lowcarb foodie.. Please visit and subscribed to my channel..I will share my lowcarb foods..thank you mam😊😊😊

  6. Low carb for you = how many carbs a day? "not many carbs compared to usual" 150g? Most people eat between 250g – 250g a day, many consider 50g as low carb, 20g as keto.

    You eat rice in the morning is not low carb diet, one or more high carb meals will screw your low carb diet for about a week… To be fair and frank, you did not actually try low carb, just 'lower' carb.

    You say low carb, but your final meal had about 20g of carbs in sprouts alone!

  7. I’m diabetic so I have to monitor my carbs. We’re also transitioning to a lower meat lifestyle. We’re going on 2 months of vegetarian home cooked dinners. We still eat meat going out and I have a can of chicken soup for breakfast. But we’re getting there…

  8. I’d be curious to try this. I’ve been HCLF for over 2 years and it’s gone well for me. I’ll still eat some nuts and seeds occasionally but not everyday. I do eat tofu several times a week. But mostly I eat a lot of starch. Low carb though, I’d be curious to try it, I don’t think I could afford it though. That’s the biggest advantage to being hclf. It is super cheap! Beans, rice, bread and I get older produce that’s been marked down so I can get two or three bags full of fruits and veggies for less than $20. I do have to eat often though. I eat 6 times a day. But I’ve always eaten this way, not vegan, vegan is recent. But high carb semi low fat. growing up as a kid it was how I wanted to eat. My mom had to yell at me to eat my steak. But she never had problems getting me to eat my potatoes. My gut biome is used to it I guess. It’s all in the biome.

  9. Your sleep issues are because of your coffee drinking- especially in the late afternoon. On a keto diet you become EVEN MORE sensitive to caffeine. I would recommending cutting out caffeine after lunchtime.

  10. I think carbs have a soporific effect, i.e. make you feel drowsy (or can do. They may not effect everyone like this). When I eat a lot of carbs I feel like I could sleep continuously. Low carb has the opposite effect for me. I think perhaps your body was adjusting to the change and in time it may have settled into a better pattern, but you may still have found you would sleep less than when eating carbs.

  11. My doctor said to eat low carb because of my stomach issues.. and I'm lactose intolerant and don't really eat meat, so.. I'm here, desperate to find relief T_T

  12. thank you for the low carb inspo, i was a lchf omnivore until two weeks ago, now i am vegetarian trying to eat less animal products generally and include more plant foods, i don't crave carbs, i don't like carbs, I know it's harder on a vegan/vegetarian diet to stay low carb, but i try to compromise as little as i can (i compromise with beans and fruit) i think everybody should eat however they want, except hclf, fat is good lol. but anyways and also yes, insomnia is related to sugar withdrawal – you get rid of it in like two weeks. and i am also prediabetic and that is the main reason i decided to go low carb, but i was never too fond of carbs and sugary things

  13. Diabetes UK website suggests lower carb diet. I'm 48 and fat and work long hours but have a fairly sedentary lifestyle so I'm at risk of diabetes. I've started on the low carb app the diabetes UK has a link to: I doubt I'll ever be properly low carb, but I reckon every little helps. This video was v.useful thank you.

  14. The main reason for the sleep issues would be due to the fact that you were stressing your body with the change. If you cut things slowly the cravings and sleep shouldn't be such a problem (weaning over cold turkey) don't blame you for those carb cravings at all. Your body has been running on glucose energy so long that it probably freaked out when you didn't have any in there instead of switching to ketogenesis.

  15. Glad you made this video, I find it really hard to eat low carb as a vegan because I love beans, fruit, and bread! Luckily edamame and mukimame are high protein and low carb

  16. I ate some enchiladas with beans and rice , it was the worst experience of my life I slept right after i ate carbs , and I didn’t have energy the entire weekend. I would not eat rice and beans again 💔

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