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  1. It amazes me how many people say "I couldn't do this because of….". I mean, it would depend on what you were going through, not everyone chooses their diet because it is the yummiest.

  2. I am having issues with my GLycemic levels. I am vegan. Having to count carbs but I am lost I hope you will do some more Low Carb vegan. Thank you very much, I am learning much already.

  3. If anyone wants to have that soup without normal noodles, you can buy bean noodles that taste ok. I would definitely​ prefer rice noodles, though

  4. I'm not vegan but think everyone would benefit from adding vegan and vegetarian meals into their diet. But sorry to ask…aren't you guys bored and always hungry living JUST off this rabbit food?!

  5. I don’t know where you live but where I live McDonald’s makes there fries with beef fat so their fries are not vegan ( not intended to be mean or rude i just wanted to let you know so that you don’t eat them again)

  6. I've been put on a low carb diet. 30 grams per meals and 15 grams per snacks.
    It's a challenge and a lot of reading labels.
    But I have rice, potatoes, and beans just much smaller portions.
    Been doing this for a month and yes cheated a couple times and felt sick after(potatoes love potatoes).
    The goal with my doctor and I to get my cholesterol down in the 3 months without having
    to start taking meds.

  7. Rose I’ve been a subscriber for a while & I love your videos But at 7:04 I thought you were about to say normally you would love to get ,excuse me,  F u h ‘ ckd lolol (I know it’s pho) I was about to say damn you just don’t give af no more

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